I spend a lot of time building this site, putting together tutorials, and writing long articles to help you get the most out of Aperture. For that I receive no steady paycheck. I also regularly spend money on things like software upgrades, web hosting, my computer (which needs an upgrade!), Internet service, books for my personal education, etc.

It all adds up, and so I have to offset the costs of running the site through affiliate links, and now by asking for your help.

So if you’d like to support me in my goal of making ApertureLand the best and funnest Aperture site on the web, here are four ways you can help me out:

1) Spread the Word

If you don’t have money – just spread the word and help me build an audience. Spread links to ApertureLand on Facebook, Twitter, and by email, and you’ll help me build my traffic levels. And if you have a blog or website, link to an article or review on ApertureLand and you’ll give us a tiny boost in Google – every bit helps.

2) Buy Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 3

Picking this book up helps both of us out. I’ll get a small commission from Amazon in exchange for the sale, and you’ll receive a great book that will improve your Aperture-3 skills in a major way.

3) Securely Send me a PayPal Donation By Using This Button:

PayPal securely processes credit-card transactions – so you can make a donation with peace of mind. I just want to spend more time building this site, and unfortunately, that requires money for the cause. (’cause rent is due)

4) The Crackhead Option

Now if you suffer from mental-health problems, you may be willing to do something totally ridiculous and buy me one of the completely absurd items on my Amazon wish list. Just kidding! Sort of…


Michael Comeau

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Antony Swales January 16, 2011 at 5:56 pm

Hello, as Apple cannot help I wonder if you can, we recently purchased our new iMac (our first) and am starting to regret it already…we bought it mainly for the Photo editing Aperture 3…my partner has just started out…Problem load a 3MB JPEG photo Aperture seems to suddenly use 300mb of memory..then after 10 mins working..its upto over 2GB RAM usage…after a further 10 mins the machine freezes up completely as it is paging continually to disk….any ideas? Should we go back to W7 and the Expensive Photoshop

Antony, Farnham UK

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