Recommended Photography Gear

Since I’ve done so many product reviews, I wanted to add a central page detailing all of the equipment I recommend for photographers.

Note that the vast majority of the equipment listed here is very affordable. I don’t believe that you need to spend a lot of money to get great images. Rather, you need to put your money in the right places – lighting and education.


Giottos LC325 Air-Cushioned Light Stand

At about $50, this Giottos model isn’t even close to being the cheapest light stand on the market, but you do not want to skimp on the stands that are holding up pricey lights and modifiers above human beings. This is especially true if you’re working outside and encountering wind.

Photek Softlighter – 46″ Model

Do you want big, soft light without dropping a grand on an Elinchrom Octa? Then get a Photek Softlighter, which works with almost any light on the market. Okay, okay, a Softlighter is not as good as an Octa. However, the bang for the buck is simply off the charts here – there aren’t many $60 products out there that can make an instant impact on your images. Read my full review of the Photek Softlighter here.

CowboyStudio NPT-04 Wireless Flash Triggers

Are you too cheap to drop $340 on a set of Pocketwizards? Then spend $25 and get these perfectly functional CowboyStudio flash triggers. They’ve performed flawless for me over the past three months, and should one day serve as backup when I actually do make the jump to Pocketwizards or RadioPoppers. Read my full NPT-4 review here.


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