9 Shortcuts Aperture Users Need to Know

If you really want to blaze through your editing and organizing in Aperture, then you had better know your shortcuts! No, you don’t need to know them all, but knowing just the following eight will speed up your productivity a heck of a lot faster than a brand new Macbook Pro would:

#1) Numbers 1 through 5

Want to rate a photo using Aperture’s star system? Just select one, and hit numbers 1 through 5 to give it a star rating. Hit 5 for a Pulitzer, and 1 for the junk. You can also hit 9 to reject an image completely.

It’s important to rate your photos in Aperture using the star system – it makes putting together smart albums and slideshows an absolute breeze, and most importantly – it helps you stay organized. Every time I import a selection, I rate all my photos so I can figure out what I’m keeping and what I’m tossing out. The 4’s and 5’s get saved and/or uploaded to Flickr, while my junk gets deleted.

#2) F = Full Screen Mode

Hitting the F key when you have a photo selected will bring you into full-screen mode, which is where you want to be when editing. You want your photo filling the screen – so go full-screen for every photo you like.

#3) H = HUD

When in full-screen mode, you’ll see nothing but your photo. But if you hit the H key, the heads-up-display pops onto the screen so you can view the Projects, Metadata, and Adjustments tabs.

#4) Z = Zoom

If you hit the Z key when a photo is selected, you’ll zoom in to get a closer look. You’ll find the zoom function especially useful when getting rid of your friends’ zits!

#5) C = Crop

Want a crop a photo? Just hit C, and go to work!

#6) V = Cycle Views

The power of the V key is the single most important thing I learned in Apple’s Pro Lab Aperture class. It allows you to cycle through Aperture’s 3 main views in the blink of an eye.

#7) ` = Loupe

Just so there’s no confusion, the ` key is the one to the left of the number 1 key and the esc key. It brings up the Loupe tool, which is a magnifying glass you can use to look at fine detail in a photo. It’s especially useful for checking sharpness.

#8) M = Show Master Image

Did you destroy your favorite image in Aperture? Or do you just want to get another look at your original? Then hit the M key. You’ll see the original master image, free of any edits or changes.

#9) Command + Shift + E = Export an Image

Need to export an image? Just hit Command + Shift + E