New Features in Aperture 3

Aperture 3 features over 200 new features, so I’m not going to go crazy here trying to list them all. Here are the ones I view as most important to the average-Joe photographer.

  • the faces and places functions from iPhoto
  • adjustment presets
  • non-destructive brushes with edge detection
  • chromatic aberration filter
  • full-screen browser
  • curves tool – YES!
  • skin smoothing – Chase Jarvis loves this
  • camera focus points
  • improved search, including photo usage, place, face, label, etc.
  • enhanced web publishing for Facebook, Flickr, etc. built in
  • ability to apply presents on import
  • video and audio support
  • 64-bit support
  • enhanced RAW support, even for brand-new cameras like the Nikon D3s (but no Panasonic GF1?)
  • better image quality on RAW conversions
  • same low price as Aperture 2!

Now Aperture 3 doesn’t have everything. For instance, I would have loved a lens distortion filter for the rare occasion when I use my Canon kit lens.

But overall, Aperture 3 extends the awesomeness of Aperture 2 pretty damn well. Frankly, I’m not sure I ever want Photoshop, because I’m not into heavy pixel-level editing, composites, or anything like that. I also hate the whole ordeal of managing multiple version of the same photo in different files.

Find the lowest price for Aperture 3.

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