Nik Software’s Snapspeed Software for iPad

by Mike on June 7, 2011

If I owned an Apple iPad, I’d be buying Nik Software’s newly-announced Snapspeed photo app right now. If it’s 1% as good as Nik’s Complete Collection of Plugins, then it’s a no-brainer at just $4.99.

Snapspeed is a collection of filters and special effects that allow you to creatively edit photos directly from your iPad. This includes settings for black & white, vintage, grunge, etc. And unlike the other iPad photo apps I’ve seen, Snapspeed allows you to selectively edit photos – meaning you can edit specific areas of photos using the iPad’s touch screen, similar to the control point system used in other Nik apps.

If you know Nik’s other products, then you know that Nik does effects better than anyone else in the business. I wouldn’t be doing digital black & white period if it wasn’t for Silver Efex Pro, and nearly every photo I publish is hit with a Nik plugin at one point or another.

You can pick up Snapseed at the iTunes store via this link.


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