Adorama Running 50% off Sale on Pre-Paid 16×10″ Prints

by Mike on May 11, 2011


My favorite pro print labĀ Adorama is running a 50% off sale on pre-paid 16X20″ prints.

Basically, you buy 10 or 50-count packages of 16×20″ prints, and then order in the future as you need them. Kodak Matte, Glossy, and Lustre papers cost just $5 each, and the amazing Metallic paper will set you back just $5 a print.

I pre-ordered a 10-pack of Lustre, because it’s somewhat of a crossbreed between Matte and Glossy. Metallic is amazing for anything with lots of crazy light and colors – especially long exposures at night.

Trust me, if you’ve never printed above an 8×10″ or 11×14″ you’re going to be amazed at how nice a large print can look on your wall or in a portfolio book. And remember, a physical print is also a form of backup in case your computer dies!

And if you’re only experiencing your photography on a computer screen, you owe it to yourself to start printing and find out what you are really of capable of making with your camera and imagination.

Visit Adorama to order!


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