The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Photographers

by Mike on January 26, 2011

Valentine’s Day is coming up pretty soon, and if your special someone is a photographer, you may want to give him or her a gift that shows you support their passion. Second passion behind you, that is!

So I’ve put together a list of gift ideas starting at just $10 that your love will love, and which doesn’t require you to know much about your partner’s gear or anything technical..

So, here we go:

The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum – $30

The Art of Photography is a classic book on creating incredible photographs, but coming from a more philosophical place than most photography books.

Awkward Family Photos – $10

This book is exactly what it sounds like – a collection of hilariously awful family photos. It’s great for a laugh and a bargain at just $10.

Logitech M505 Wireless Mouse – $29

A high-quality wireless mouse like the Logitech M505 or M705 is a great gift for any photographer, because they make editing a lot faster and smoother than with any notebook trackpad or standard computer mouse.

Subscription to Aperture Magazine – $40

Aperture is an expensive magazine, but the quality of work contained within makes it worth every penny. Just about any photographer would find it to be inspiring, and even at $40, a subscription save a ton of money over the newsstand price.

Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable AA Batteries and Charger – $30

The vast majority of photographers use AA batteries for at least one of their gadgets, and Sanyo Eneloops are regarded as the best-performing rechargeable batteries for digital-photography applications.

Gerber 05500 Multi-function Tool – $34

A photographer never knows when he or she’s going to need a random tool out in the field, so a multi-function tool is a great item to have on hand for when random things get screwy out in the field. You never know when a screwdriver or wrench or scissors will come in handy, so this Gerber is the perfect gift for any photographer.

Viewsonic Digital Frame – $91

A digital frame, which constantly rotates photos, is a great way for a photographer to show off their work and feed their egos by attracting compliments. It’s also a great way to save room on a desk because one frame can display literally hundreds of photographs – perfect for big families.

Avedon Fashion 1944-2000 – $63

If your partner is into fashion photography, then they will absolutely adore this amazing book by the legendary Richard Avedon. It’s like owning a giant collection of prints of some of the best fashion photographs ever taken. For those with racier taste, Helmut Newton’s SUMO is simply incredible, and gigantic at 17 x 12 x 4 inches.

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