Nik Software Announces Silver Efex Pro 2

by Mike on January 17, 2011

As you know, I am a huge huge huge huge huge fan of Nik Software’s collection of plug-ins, especially Silver Efex Pro.

Well good news, Nik just announced Silver Efex Pro 2, which will include a whole bunch of nifty new features.

Here are my favorites:

Natural Image Borders – completely customizable image borders with random elements

Intuitive History Browser – easily step backwards through all prior adjustments

Amplify Blacks & Whites – adaptively accentuate blacks & whites throughout images

Fine Structure – takes structure (fine detail) adjustment to a new level by going to a more micro-level of adjustment

Soft Contrast – intelligently applies contrast to different parts of an image

Nik doesn’t seem to be changing the game with Silver Efex Pro 2. It is simply taking an amazing package and making it better, and I have zero complaints about. Silver Efex Pro offers by far the best digital black & white conversions in the game, and I can’t wait to get my hands on Silver Efex Pro 2.

According to Nik’s website, you can buy the Complete Collection today and receive an upgrade to¬†Silver Efex Pro 2 free when it ships. I have placed an inquiry into the company to find out if current owners get the free upgrade as well.

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