Olympus XZ-1 a.k.a the New Hotness Available for Pre-Order at Amazon and Adorama

by Mike on January 12, 2011


Oh no, not another red-hot point & shoot camera with a fast lens and big image sensor!

I loved my Panasonic LX5, but I decided to sell it to put the money towards the Fujifilm X100, which looks like super-ultimate hotness of all time.

But anyway, back on topic. Not to be outdone by the LX5 or Canon S95 and S90, Olympus is jumping into the fire with the Xz-1 point & shoot.

Here are the big features:

  • 10 megapixels (the megapixel wars for compact cameras may be over, and thank the Jesus for that!)
  • FAST 28-122mm Zuiko* lens f/1.8 at wide end and f/2.5 at long end
  • dual control dials (Yes!)
  • 3″ OLED monitor
  • 720p video

The XZ-1 definitely stacks up well against the LX5 and S95, especially the speed of the lens at the long end. The LX5 could only open up to f/3.3 at its 90mm maximum, but the Olympus can hit f/2.5 at 122mm – that could make it pretty nice for portraits. The S95 could only get to f/4.9 at its max of 105mm.

At the same time, the XZ-1 has a dual-dial control setup similar to that of the S95, so we’re getting maximum usability on top of that hot fast lens.

If I didn’t have such a crush on the Fuji X100, I’d be all over the XZ-1.

Now, like very hot point & shoot in recent memory, the XZ-1 will be in high demand and short supply upon its March release. When I bought my LX5 from Adorama last September, they only had one in stock and it had to be pulled off a truck!

If you need a hot camera in your hands right now, the LX5 and S95 are still unbelievable buys at their new lower prices. But if you really really really really really really really really really really need and want and desire and lust after an Olympus XZ-1, pre-order now and you’ll probably have one in your hands on release day, unlike all the fools down at Best Buy.

I recommend the following retailers for pre-orders of just about anything:

Adorama – you may have not heard of them, but Adorama is one of the biggest photography-gear retailers in the world, and where I get most of my stuff. They treat me like solid gold every time I walk in the door, even though I am a small spender.

Amazon – if I can’t get it in the store from Adorama, I order it from Amazon.

*Zuiko is Hungarian for ‘fast lens’

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