16 Awesome Photography Videos

by Mike on January 11, 2011

Hi y’all, my writing has gotten way too gear-focused as of late so I wanted to do a post that has nothing at all to do with gear.

So, I thought I would jump in and post some of my favorite photography videos. I’ve found a lot of inspiration in all these videos, so maybe you will too!

Here we go:

1) FStoppers follow David Bergman Shoots a Bon Jovi Concert

Is anyone not jealous of this guy after watching this video? Kudos to Fstoppers for making one of the best behind-the-scenes photography videos I’ve ever seen:

2) Part 1 of interview with Yousuf Karsh

Mr. Karsh just might be the greatest portrait photographer of all time.

3) Matthew Rolston Photographs Seafood and Jewelry on Women in a Simulated Underwater Shoot on America’s Next Top Model

Fast forward to 6 minutes in for the good stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such careful attention to detail from a photographer.

4) Annie Liebovitz: Imagine

This is part 1 of BBC’s documentary about one of the world’s greatest photographers:

5) Chase Jarvis Shoots a Badass Snowboarding Sequence for Sandisk:

6) NYC photographer Peter Hurley Tells Us How to Nail a Headshot:

7) Jeremy Cowart Explains his Tear-Jerking Help Portrait Project:

8) Wedding-photography superstar Jasmine “Don’t Hate Me Because I Have a Better Personality Than You” Star gets interviewed by Chase Jarvis:

9) Joe McNally dicusses The Moment It Clicks in an authors@Google talk:

10) Short CBS documentary on David LaChapelle:

11) Ovation segment on Gregory Crewdson:

12) Ovation segment on Timothy-Greenfield Sanders:

13) Bert Stephani Gives Great Gips for Natural-light Portraits:

14) Def Leppard’s Music Video for Photograph: (still a great song!)

15) Behind the Scenes with Fashion Maven Melissa Rodwell on a Pretty Cool-Looking Shoot:

16) David Tejada Shoots Corporate Portraits:

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