Aperture 3 With 4 Gigabytes of Ram vs 2

by Mike on October 18, 2010

So a couple of weeks ago, I finally but the bullet and upgraded my early-2008 Macbook to 4 gigabytes of RAM from the 2 it had previously.

Aperture 3 ran okay for me on 2 gigabytes, though it would occasionally slow down when using adjustment brushes for things like skin smoothing, creating slideshows, and when multitasking with other programs. I can’t even imagine using Aperture 3 with 1 gig, even though that’s the supposed minimum memory requirement.

I could not believe the difference 4 gigs of RAM makes. Everything is way, way faster. My imports take half as long as they used to, the effects of brushes show immediately, and I can multi-task like crazy. I used to shut down all other programs when using Aperture 3, but no more.

Now I typically have Chrome, Firefox iTunes, Keynote, Numbers, Preview, Finder, and Thinkorswim (data-intensive stock trading software) open while I’m using Aperture, and my crusty Macbook doesn’t skip a beat! I’ve even had movies playing on Netflix Instant Watch while doing my edits, and Aperture still runs way faster than when I had 2 gigabytes.

So if you’re running any photo software – whether its Aperture 3, Photoshop, or Lightroom – with 2 gigabytes, or heaven forbid, 1 gigabyte of RAM, I highly recommend taking the jump to 4 gigs.

It’s the best way to speed up your image processing without dropping $1,500 on a new Mac. Hell, I’d go to 8 gigs if my machine supported it!

Crucial is my preferred memory vendor. Their website can scan your machine to tell you what kind of memory to buy. Just make sure you select the free shipping option, because Crucial ships fast. My memory arrived in just three business days, and I was able to install it in less than a minute.

If you use this link, you’ll get 5% off your order: Get 5% off at Crucial

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Christian November 16, 2010 at 11:45 am

I got 4gb of RAM in my MBP and Aperture’s dog slow for me (65gb library). I’d have to make the jump to 8gb before I see any performance improvements.
I mean slow when it takes 5 seconds to apply a brush adjustment to a RAW photo…

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