Scott Kelby Wants Lightroom to Be A Little Bit More Like Aperture

by Mike on August 17, 2010

Photoshop and Lightroom guru Scott Kelby recently published an extensive blog post listing features he wishes were included in Adobe’s Lightroom.

Incidentally, some of Scott’s wishes are straight out of Aperture 3. I don’t think Scott will be switching from Lightroom to Aperture any time soon, but let’s take this moment and gloat a big. I kid! I kid! There are plenty of things I wish Aperture would steal from Lightroom!

In Scott’s own words, by topic:

Photo Books

I have to keep Apple’s Aperture 3 on my computer just so I can make photo books, because Aperture does a really brilliant job with photo book creation and printing. We need that same feature in Lightroom 4.


With all the tweaks Adobe has made to the slideshow module since Lightroom 1, it’s still the most limited slideshow on the planet (Apple’s free iPhoto application’s slideshow feature totally kicks Lightroom’s butt.

You need to be able to sync the changing of a slide to a beat in the music (Apple’s Aperture does this brilliantly—you just play the background music, and tap a key on the keyboard when you want the slide to catch in time with the music. Couldn’t be easier).

Video Editing

We just need what Aperture 3 has; simple trimming, previewing right within Lightroom, and the ability to mix video and still images in a simple slideshow.

Light Tables

I want a Light Table feature. I always have. No, it’s not terribly efficient—it’s just fun. There’s nothing wrong with fun.


For the Tethered Capture Heads Up Display, can you put a button that switches the HUD to a vertical layout, so we can tuck it over to the left or right side of the screen, so it doesn’t end up going right over my image, covering part of it up? (note from me – Aperture’s HUD can be locked to the left or right sides of the screen)

Emailing Images

We need to be able to email an image directly from within Lightroom. Not exporting and passing it off to some email application—I mean, click on the photo, click the email button, then  all you do is enter the recipient’s email and hit send. (note from me – Aperture can do this)

P.S. I wrote an article comparing Lightroom 3 and Aperture 3.

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