Review – Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 3

by Mike on August 16, 2010

When it comes to learning, I’m a big fan of simply picking up a book.

I first learned how to use Apple Aperture in two ways:

1) Apple’s excellent Pro Labs class
2) Experimentation

However, I just picked up Dion Scoppettuolo’s Apple Pro Training Series: Aperture 3 book and I can already see my Aperture 3 skills being kicked up to a new level.

APTS:A3 is easily the most comprehensive book on Aperture 3. Spanning nearly 500 pages and including a DVD with 4 gigabytes of lessons and exercises, APTS:A3 works as the perfect desktop companion for Aperture 3.

APTS:A3 is great because it allows you to learn in two different ways.

You can go step by step to learn Aperture 3 from the ground up, but it also works amazingly well as a reference for intermediate users like me that would like to dig deeper into Aperture 3’s capabilities.

Quite simply, this book will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about Aperture 3, and it goes into far greater detail than what I learned at the Pro Labs course. I especially liked the sections on adjustment brushes (I keep forgetting I can selectively brush away adjustments from parts of images), RAW processing, noise reduction, levels/curves adjustments, and creating slideshows.

All lessons are written in plain English with tons of screenshots, and so are very easy to understand, provided you have a basic understanding of digital photography concepts and terms. Computer-software book scan be truly awful when it comes to breaking things down for the average person, but APTS:A3 is extremely accessible to all comers.

In fact, APTS:A3 is used at Apple Authorized Training Centers worldwide, and can prepare you to become an Apple Certified Pro.

I can’t recommend APTS:A3 enough – it’s easily the best Aperture 3 book out there, and will make you an expert in as much time as it takes to read it. I tend to pick it up while I’m importing photos, and I’m constantly picking up new tips and tricks to help me work faster and better with Aperture 3.

I’m also told that the Kindle version is amazing, especially on the iPad.

To order, use the following links:

Regular book version on (best price on web, about $11 cheaper than Barnes & Noble)

Kindle version on

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