HTC Droid Incredible Cameraphone Review

by Mike on July 9, 2010

I just received my HTC Droid Incredible from Verizon and spent some time over the past couple of days taking photos with it.

Overall, the cameraphone is serviceable. Image quality is pretty decent during the day, not as good as a regular point and shoot, but good enough for basic street photography and quick snapshots.

I tend to view a cameraphone + Aperture presets as a modern-day Holga equivalent minus the outrageous film costs. Film is funkier, but hey, cameraphones are basically free if you own a cell phone.

The interface is pretty simple. You can tap to focus on a specific point, and zoom and flash controls are directly on the touchscreen.

A menu is available for those who want to adjust everything from ISO to sharpness to white balance, and the phone has some built-in filters like sepia, black & white, and negative.

I just wish you could take a picture by double-tapping on the screen, which would be a lot faster than tapping the screen and then hitting the shutter button on the right side.

As for Aperture users, be aware that Aperture 3 is not reading EXIF data off the files I’ve shot – everything comes up as photographed at ISO 100 and auto-white balance.

And oh yeah, here are some sample photos:

Yes, in my neighborhood, people do dance in the park!

A pedicab driver in NYC.

Same, processed with my Bright Vintage Fade preset. (more info on preset below)

Nighttime – blech.

People in Times Square

And yes, they don’t just dance in my park, they also practice martial arts.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Droid Incredible’s cameraphone. It won’t replace a Canon S90, but it does a great job for basic photos – especially on days when I’m far too lazy to lug around my DSLR.

Read more about the Droid Incredible on Amazon.

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