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by Mike on May 6, 2010

One of my very favorite photography podcasts is Ibarionex Perello’s The Candid Frame.

The Candid Frame features interviews with some of the best photographers in the world – people like Chase Jarvis, David DuChemin, Dane Sanders, Dan Winters, and many more. Just listening to these interviews will change how you look at photography, and if you’re a professional, will help you improve your business practices.

I just donated $10 to the show because they need donations to keep it going (bandwidth is NOT free), and in any case, I’ve gotten a hell of a lot more than $10 out of listening to The Candid Frame.

If you use free Internet resources to learn about photography and improve your skills – give something back to one of the producers of that content. It’s obvious that Ibarionex puts a lot of work into his show, and I’d rather give up a few bucks of my own money than the great interviews he gives away for free.

Skip your Starbucks latte for one day and donate a few bucks to The Candid Frame.
Just use any of the links in this post to get to the blog, and you’ll see a Paypal Donate button on the right.

But either way, I highly recommend that you subcribe to The Candid Frame on iTunes.

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