Aperture 3.03 Update

by Mike on May 2, 2010

Apple recently released an updated to Aperture 3, bringing it up to version 3.03. I’m really glad I finally installed it last night, because I’m seeing a nice boost in performance this morning, especially when toggling through views with the V key (learn those Aperture shortcuts!!!) or when using the brushes, including my favored skin smoothing one.

It’s funny, because according to Apple, there were no specified performance fixes in this update, just the usual “overall stability and fixes” stuff for the following functions:

  • Applying adjustments such as Retouch or Chromatic Aberration
  • Creating and using Raw Fine Tuning presets
  • Viewing, adding and removing detected faces
  • Switching target printers and paper sizes when printing
  • Duplicating Smart Albums
  • Repairing and rebuilding Aperture libraries
  • Reconnecting referenced files
  • Working with GPS track files in Places
  • Searching for keywords in the Query HUD or Keyword Controls

I still see myself upgrading to 4 gigabytes one of these days – that is, if I don’t upgrade to a new Macbook Pro
or iMac first.

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Read more at Apple.com

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