Amazon Has Crazy Deals on Canon DSLRs!

by Mike on April 28, 2010

Please read this entire post – there are some great deals here.

Canon is offering a $400 rebates on qualifying Canon DSLR cameras with the purchase of a Pro9000 MKII printer.

Since you can sell that printer for about $250 – $300, this amounts to an effective discount on Canon DSLRs of $200 to $250 – something you almost NEVER see.

Here’s how the math works:

If you buy a Canon EOS Rebel T2i for $800 and the printer for $450 and use the $400 rebate, you get a great DSLR camera and printer for $850. ($800 + $450 – $400)

I checked around Craig’s List and you can sell this printer for about $250 to $300, making your out of pocket cost for the camera $550 to $600.

And if you have an old DSLR camera, sell that and put it towards the excellent T2i. Who knows? You might be able to score this sweet camera for $200 – $300! Jut just scroll down the page a bit for the details!

And what if you HATE the camera? Don’t worry, because the fact that you got such a big discount means you’ll come out close to even if you sell it used on Craig’s List.

You can use this strategy for deals on these cameras as well:

Canon EOS Rebel T1i

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EOS 7D

Remember – just subtract $300 from Amazon’s already-low prices to figure out what your effective cost will be. And also subtract what you can get for your old camera. This is simply the best way to upgrade I can think of – you can get a 5D Mark II for less than $1,500 if you have something decent to trade in!

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