Aperture 3 Basic Black and White Conversion

by Mike on April 27, 2010

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In Aperture 3, turning your photos black-and-white is just a few clicks away – no rocket science required.

Let’s get right down to it.

Here’s the original photo we’re working with today: (all images can be made larger by clicking on them)

What we’re going to do is click on adjustments on the Aperture Inspector (short cut = control + A), and scroll down and click on Black & White. The second way to do this is to simply use the shortcut control + M to turn your selected. Either will turn your photo black and white Instantly.

Voila! You have a black and white photo:

You can move the Red, Green, and Blue Sliders in the Black & White menu around to season to taste. I prefer to push the red a little bit to the right. Here’s what that looks like:

You can also select a variety of Black & White options by using the presets menu. It’s pretty easy – just click on Presets in the Aperture Inspector, then lay the mouse on Black & White, and select among the various options, which mimic the filters photographers used with black & white film in the old days. As you move the cursor over the different options, a preview window pops up to show you what the finished product looks like:

Just click, and you’re done.

And remember, if you ever want to start over, just hit the M key to go back to the master image.

P.S. If you want even more impressive black and white photos, check out my review of the Nik Complete Collection for Aperture, which includes the incredible b&w conversion tool Silver Efex Pro.

About the picture: shot at Brooklyn’s Tea Lounge with my good ol’ Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

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