Aperture 3 Slideshow – Ken Burns Theme

by Mike on April 22, 2010

I’m turning into a bit of a slideshow junkie, so I couldn’t wait to fire up Aperture 3’s slideshow feature. Here’s what came out:

To my disappointment, Aperture 3’s slideshow feature is exactly the same as iMovie as far as I can tell, with one major difference – it’s slower.

When I make an iMovie slideshow, I use Aperture to select and export all the photos I’ll use into a folder at an appropriate resolution. Then I just drag and drop all the photos into iMovie.

But with Aperture 3, all the different versions and stacks get dragged in as well, which likely creates some type of memory issue. Things sped up after I eliminated all the extras from the slideshow project area, but even then, iMovie is much faster because you can deal with smaller files, and few of them. So remember to unstack your photos, and delete everything you don’t use from the slideshow.

Creating a basic slideshow is pretty easy – simply select a bunch of photos, hit New on the menu bar, choose a theme, name it, and you’re ready to start. I’m planning on putting together a real slideshow tutorial in the future, but I just wanted to show you what you can put together quickly in Aperture 3.

People of the City is simply a collection of people pics I’ve taken in NYC, all shot with my wonderfully cheap Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens.

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