Aperture3 Portable Genius Book

by admin on April 7, 2010

We’re finally starting to see the first Aperture 3 books come out of the woodwork. I just spotted Aperture3 Portable Genius by Josh and Ellen Anon.

This looks like a pretty safe bet for $16.50. When I took Apple’s Aperture Pro Labs class, my productivity with Aperture absolutely skyrocketed because I instantly gained a greater grasp of the fundamentals – just the emphasis on basic shortcuts made a huge difference. A book like this can take you even further.

Josh Anon authored another popular, well-reviewed (5 out of 5 stars on Amazon) book, Photoshop CS4 for Nature Photographers: A Workshop in a Book, so it’s fairly safe to assume that he has a good grasp on teaching photography software.

Quick summary from Amazon:

Compact, fluff-free, full-color guide to getting the most out of Apple’s Aperture digital photography software

This handy Portable Genius guide is designed to help you avoid hassle, save time, and quickly learn what you need to know to use Apple’s Aperture digital photography software effectively—and have fun while you’re doing it! In a trim size that fits in your laptop bag, this practical guide gives you tips, tricks, and savvy advice on everything from navigating Aperture’s user interface to advanced RAW image processing, publishing albums on the Web, and how to create your own photo book.

Click here to get an order in.

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