Aperture 3 Review From Brighthub

by admin on April 1, 2010

Brighthub.com recently delivered its own Aperture 3 review. Here are the important points:

Aperture 3 really beefed up the editing tools for more customizable images. The key wording and search options are greatly improved are easy to use. The look, menus and tool bar functions are improved and nicely designed. Apple has added many new features that work with new camera functions and Web applications. Overall, Aperture has made some nice upgrades, but many of the new features are designed for the consumer (or amateur photographer) more than the professional photographer.

This is great application for the consumer who does not want to pay the high-ticket price of Photoshop or take the time to learn the complex functions. Aperture 3 is easy to use, has a nice looking interface and works seamlessly with Web applications that are becoming increasingly more popular. It seems as if Apple has made a choice to move towards the amateur photographer market and leave the professional photographer market to Lightroom.

This is a pretty interesting take on the whole Aperture vs. Lightroom debate.

Aperture is most certainly powerful enough for professionals to use, but it’s also extremely consumer-friendly with features like the enhanced Flickr and Facebook integration. So I think that Apple is more interested in straddling the line between amateur and professional rather than choosing one or the other.

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