TechRadar Reviews Aperture 3

by admin on March 31, 2010

Another Aperture 3 review, this time from the likes of

Here are some of the more important highlights from the article:

We experienced some early stability issues with Aperture, but the 3.0.1 update seemed to nix them completely.

Aperture is better at getting your pictures out compared to Lightroom. As well as direct uploading to Flickr and Facebook, its printing and slideshow features are richer, and you can also create book layouts then send them to Apple – and even to a few vetted third parties to have them printed and bound.

Aperture feels predictably more Mac-like than Lightroom, and iLife/iWork apps’ media panels can grab pics from Aperture much more easily. And as well as the workflow and cataloguing benefits of Faces and Places, we appreciate other pro-level features such as the ability to split a project off into a separate Library for an assistant, say, to work on, before merging it back into the master Library.

I’d have enjoyed a bit more depth, but overall this is a pretty decent review that highlights a big strength of Aperture – its friendliness to iPhoto users in need of more power, and experienced photographers in need of a workflow-implementation tool.

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