Aperture 3 Multimedia Slideshow

by admin on March 31, 2010

Underwater-photographer extraordinaire Tony Wu put together an amazing multimedia slideshow with Aperture 3. It really demonstrates the kind of stuff still-and-video shooters can put together within the Aperture workflow.

Have a look:

I’m going to have to try one of these myself. I have a Canon Rebel t1i (hopefully eventually a 5D Mark II!) and haven’t really explored its video capabilities just yet.

UPDATE: Tony’s comments on Aperture 3’s slideshow function:

Up to this point, I have been using a combination of Aperture, Photoshop, and Final Cut Express to do most of my multimedia editing work. As I departed for Lembeh, my hope was that I could use Aperture 3’s multimedia Slideshow function to reduce (or even eliminate) my need to resort to Final Cut Express, just as Aperture 3’s photo editing functions virtually eliminated the time I spent with Photoshop.

As you can tell from my Lembeh Night Safari trip video, the multimedia Slideshow function works.

However…and this is a big however…there are limits to how well it works, and it didn’t completely remove my need to use other software.

In fact, the Slideshow function was temperamental to the point of driving me to despair. I nearly gave up several times.

Hmmm, will have to try it myself to see what I think. Regardless – this feature should improve dramatically in the future, boosting Aperture’s appeal as a one-stop-shop for some visual artists.

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