Amazon Cuts Aperture 3 Price – Now Offering Best Deal You Can Get

by admin on February 28, 2010

UPDATE – Aperture 3 is now just $79 if you download it through Apple’s Mac App Store

Good news folks! Amazon is now offering the lowest price for Aperture 3 at an insane $159.99, presumably to better compete with other sellers like Macmall. That’s over $30 cheaper than Best Buy, J&R, and even Apple itself! And in most states, you won’t have to pay sales tax! The savings could add up to $55!

It’s official – Amazon’s new price for Aperture 3 is by far the best deal on a photography software package out there considering it gives you everything you need to effectively edit and sort your photos.

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This is easily the lowest price for Aperture 3 that I’ve seen from any reputable retailer, and don’t forget that Amazon will ship Aperture 3 to you for free. Just make sure that you do not select any type of premium shipping with Amazon – their plain old free shipping is extremely fast because the company has fulfillment centers throughout the country, so your orders usually don’t have to travel very far.

As for the Aperture 3 upgrade, Macmall now has the lowest price price at just $89.99

Here is a full selection of links that will give you the absolute best price for Aperture 3:

Full Version

Amazon.comnow just $168! (BEST DEAL!) (UK)£161.81 (Deutsch) – EUR168,90

Macmall – $178.99


Macmall – $89.99 (BEST DEAL!) – $98.98 (UK) – £76.27 (Deutsch) – EUR 89,80

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